Join other women burning body fat and dropping dress sizes!

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Over 70 sessions per week to fit your busy schedule!

Members of Velocity Boot Camp get unlimited access to 28 minute sessions 6 days per week.  We understand you’re busy and know you don’t have all day to workout.  Stay consistent with at least 3 workouts per week and you'll love the results!
Burn more body fat in less time!

Velocity Boot Camp Trainers do not force you to follow an impossible meal plan or tell you not to eat certain foods. Instead, we provide you with easy-to-follow nutrition guidelines that set you up for success and a healthier lifestyle.
Burn 500+ calories in 28 minutes!

Its time to get motivated and challenged with our 28 minute rapid fat loss workouts! At Velocity Boot Camp, you will burn calories and tone your body in the gym and speed up your metabolism outside the gym.  Each location features optimum performance flooring, giving members the option to workout with socks for an extra intense core workout! The combination of a motivating group atmosphere, fun workouts and a Velocity Boot Camp Trainer to give you that extra push will help you start dropping sizes and get you the lean, toned body you want sooner than you think!
What is the 28 minute rapid fat loss workout?


Velocity Boot Camp, home of the 28 minute rapid fat loss workout, is a guaranteed results group training program specifically designed for women to drop sizes, burn body fat and tone their body!